Dec 4, 2016

Galil AR | Black Sand (The Glove Case)


Galil AR | Black Sand - Created by MGBazz


The 28th of november: One of my first skins, the Galil AR | Camo (Chain Arsenal: Custom Paint Job) has been selected to integrate the new Glove Case in Counter Strike: Global Offensive! Cheers!

I am so happy! Thank you for your support!

Galil AR | Camo "Black Sand" (Chain Arsenal: Custom Paint Job)

My skin is now known as Galil AR | Black Sand, Mil-Spec quality.

Now, I am preparing new weapons for Chain Arsenal.

Stay tuned.

And thank you for your support.

Chain Arsenal: Gunsmith Reboot (Part 2/2)

Here are the 12 last skins of Chain Arsenal: Gunsmith Reboot.
Hope you like it!
You can click on the GIF above to go on the Chain Arsenal collection on Steam Workshop.

Chain Arsenal: The Collection

Galil AR | Bloody (Chain Arsenal)

Galil AR | Factory (Chain Arsenal)

Galil AR | Infiltration (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Desert (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Factory (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Camo (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Desert (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Phantom (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Bloody (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Camo (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Infiltration (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Phantom (Chain Arsenal)

Thank you for support !

Nov 24, 2016

Chain Arsenal: Gunsmith Reboot (Part 1/2)

I decided to reboot my Chain Collection in the Gunsmith style.
This collection was declined in four versions (Bloody, Camo, Factory & Infiltration) and for three weapons (MP9, MP7 & Galil AR).
With Chain Arsenal, now I introduce two new versions (Desert and Phantom), a new weapon (UMP-45) and new illustrations and logos.

This is the first part of Chain Arsenal: Gunsmith Reboot, including 12 new skins.

Galil AR | Camo (Chain Arsenal)

Galil AR | Desert (Chain Arsenal)

Galil AR | Phantom (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Bloody (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Camo (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Infiltration (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Phantom (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Bloody (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Factory (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Infiltration (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Desert (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Factory (Chain Arsenal)

The second part will introduce the 12 left skins.
Hope you like it!

Thanks for support =)

Sep 10, 2016

M4A4 | Shark's Prey

Hi! Here is my fourth and last Shark: M4A4 | Shark's Prey. This design is more humorous than the previous. I hope you like it!

My Shark's Collection is now completed!

Sep 3, 2016

AK-47 | Shark's Reef

Hello everyone! Here is Shark's Reef, my third shark, a variation of Shark's Attack.

Hope you like this new skin :)

There is a last Shark coming soon... Stay tuned!

Sep 1, 2016

M4A4 | Shark's Carnage

Here is a new skin with my Shark: M4A4 | Shark's Attack.

I hope you like it !
THere are two other Sharks coming soon...

See you soon for the next posts !

Aug 28, 2016

AK-47 | Shark's Attack

Hi !

My new AK-47 skin is now available !
The first skin of my SHARK collection, the Shark's Attack.

You can see the skin and the feedbacks on Steam Workshop.

I hope you like it !
See you soon for the next posts !

May 30, 2016

PC-CSGO | AK-47 Resilience & Rebellion are now available !

Here are my skins for the Polycount contest :

As I said in my previous post, the theme of the contest was SCI-FI 70-80s.
So I have inspired myself mainly from Alien (1979) and Star Wars (IV, V & VI) movies.

The design is subdivided in two parts: A white shell part on a black mechanical part.
A green glow (or blue for the alternative version) is added into the mechanical part.
Red paint (or blue for the alternative version) is added on the shell part.

The mechanical part is inspired from HR Giger's works.

Sources of inspiration
AK-47 Rebellion skin: RGB & alpha
AK-47 Resilience close up
Go to the Polycount WIP thread.

Thank you for your support !

May 27, 2016

Resilience Program : 2 days left !


Some unexpected delays... So I work on the AK-47 only.
Two days left before the deadline (the 29th of may).

Here is my AK-47 Resilience.
I hope you like it !

It's almost done. I will post the final pictures soon.
You can follow my WIP thread on the Polycount forum:

Stay tuned =)

May 13, 2016

Introducing "Resilience"

Resilience is my new serie for the CS:GO contest on Polycount.

Go to the polycount topic.

My inspirations are Alien (1979) and Star Wars (IV, V & VI).
Here are some pictures I use as references :

So, I made some very simple sketches for AK-47, Desert Eagle, M4A4 and MP9 :

I am currently working on the shell part. New pictures coming soon.