Sep 10, 2016

M4A4 | Shark's Prey

Hi! Here is my fourth and last Shark: M4A4 | Shark's Prey. This design is more humorous than the previous. I hope you like it!

My Shark's Collection is now completed!

Sep 3, 2016

AK-47 | Shark's Reef

Hello everyone! Here is Shark's Reef, my third shark, a variation of Shark's Attack.

Hope you like this new skin :)

There is a last Shark coming soon... Stay tuned!

Sep 1, 2016

M4A4 | Shark's Carnage

Here is a new skin with my Shark: M4A4 | Shark's Attack.

I hope you like it !
THere are two other Sharks coming soon...

See you soon for the next posts !