Nov 24, 2016

Chain Arsenal: Gunsmith Reboot (Part 1/2)

I decided to reboot my Chain Collection in the Gunsmith style.
This collection was declined in four versions (Bloody, Camo, Factory & Infiltration) and for three weapons (MP9, MP7 & Galil AR).
With Chain Arsenal, now I introduce two new versions (Desert and Phantom), a new weapon (UMP-45) and new illustrations and logos.

This is the first part of Chain Arsenal: Gunsmith Reboot, including 12 new skins.

Galil AR | Camo (Chain Arsenal)

Galil AR | Desert (Chain Arsenal)

Galil AR | Phantom (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Bloody (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Camo (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Infiltration (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Phantom (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Bloody (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Factory (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Infiltration (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Desert (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Factory (Chain Arsenal)

The second part will introduce the 12 left skins.
Hope you like it!

Thanks for support =)