Dec 4, 2016

Galil AR | Black Sand (The Glove Case)


Galil AR | Black Sand - Created by MGBazz


The 28th of november: One of my first skins, the Galil AR | Camo (Chain Arsenal: Custom Paint Job) has been selected to integrate the new Glove Case in Counter Strike: Global Offensive! Cheers!

I am so happy! Thank you for your support!

Galil AR | Camo "Black Sand" (Chain Arsenal: Custom Paint Job)

My skin is now known as Galil AR | Black Sand, Mil-Spec quality.

Now, I am preparing new weapons for Chain Arsenal.

Stay tuned.

And thank you for your support.

Chain Arsenal: Gunsmith Reboot (Part 2/2)

Here are the 12 last skins of Chain Arsenal: Gunsmith Reboot.
Hope you like it!
You can click on the GIF above to go on the Chain Arsenal collection on Steam Workshop.

Chain Arsenal: The Collection

Galil AR | Bloody (Chain Arsenal)

Galil AR | Factory (Chain Arsenal)

Galil AR | Infiltration (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Desert (Chain Arsenal)

MP7 | Factory (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Camo (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Desert (Chain Arsenal)

MP9 | Phantom (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Bloody (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Camo (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Infiltration (Chain Arsenal)

UMP-45 | Phantom (Chain Arsenal)

Thank you for support !