May 7, 2017

Monarch: Randomized Spray-Painted Pattern

Here is my new skins collection. Randomized spray-painted pattern inspired by the great butterfly Monarch.
Monarch butterflies are hard to spot because of their wings. We used this skill to create effective camo skins. Different colors will adapt to different environments.
Monarch pattern
There are five styles as shown as the M4A4:

M4A4 | Monarch : Emerald, Migration, Nocturnal, Poisonous and Urban
M4A4 | Monarch

The pattern is available on Steam Workshop for 25 weapons:

MP9, Sawed-Off, P90, Nova, Mag-7, Mac-10, M249, XM1014, CZ75-Auto, UMP-45, Negev, Revolver R8, P250, USP-S, AUG, FAMAS, AK-47, SSG-08, Galil AR, M4A4, MP7, AWP, PP-Bizon, G3SG1, SCAR-20
Monarch Collection
Some screenshots :

AK-47 | Monarch
AK-47 | Monarch

FAMAS | Monarch
FAMAS | Monarch

Galil AR | Monarch
Galil AR | Monarch

M4A4 | Monarch
M4A4 | Monarch

SSG-08 | Monarch
SSG 08 | Monarch

Apr 10, 2017

Urban Moon

My first Glock skin is a randomized pattern.

It is an urban landscape with a moon and a bridge randomly positioned.
A rare version show a star on the glock's button.
Three versions are available : Fever (purple), Moonlight (blue) and Sunset (orange).

This is an anodized airbrushed finish. So, only the top part of the Glock is skinned. Moreover, the skin is shiny and the reflects are very interesting in game. Colors are changing depending of the luminosity.

You can check the collection on Steam here :

Some pictures :

Fever version showing the randomized positions and the rare star.
Fever version showing the randomized positions and the rare star. 

Three versions
Three versions

Artwork of the Moonlight version
Artwork of the Moonlight version

Fever version in game: luminosity effect (outside)
Fever version in game: luminosity effect (outside)

Fever version in game: luminosity effect (surexposed)
Fever version in game: luminosity effect (surexposed)

Fever version in game: luminosity effect (spotlight)
Fever version in game: luminosity effect (spotlight)

See you soon for more stuff!
Thanks for support =)

Apr 2, 2017

SCI-FI series (AK-47 Resilience update)

AK-47 | Resurgence
AK-47 | Resurgence

Hi everybody!
This is a reworked version of my contribution for the PC-CSGO contest (summer 2016).

Things have changed :

  • Replaced the skull by mecha part (more realistic and no violence version) ;
  • Some black zones are now skinned (black zones because of the deadline, my skin wasn't totally finished) ;
  • Some zones more detailed (buttstock, mag, under the weapon) ;
  • This is a gunsmith version ;
  • Mecha parts are green (previous versions were red) ;
  • More sober version, low contrast.

The Sci-Fi Series
The Sci-Fi Series (AK-47 | Resurgence)

By the way, the no violence version is available for Resilience and Rebellion.
Compare the original version with skull to the alternative no violence.

AK-47 | Resilience 
AK-47 | Resilience (Original and no violence versions) 

Annnd... The skull has been reworked too.

AK-47 | Resilience 
AK-47 | Resilience 

AK-47 | Rebellion
AK-47 | Rebellion

Mar 18, 2017

Shark's Collection: no violence versions are now available!

Hi everybody!

I made "no violence" versions of my sharks. I only removed the blood around the mouth, I think it's enough.
I didn't repost the skins on the Workshop but I just added an illustration on each Shark of its "no violence" version.

Hope you like my sharks :D

Shark's Attack (no violence)
Shark's Attack 

Shark's Carnage (no violence)
Shark's Carnage 

Shark's Prey (no violence)
Shark's Prey 

Shark's Reef (no violence)
Shark's Reef

Mar 7, 2017

Mar 3, 2017

Black Sand Series

Black Sand Series
Black Sand Series

Today I have published the Black Sand Series collection : The Black Sand Collection on Steam Workshop.
This collection includes all Chain Arsenal skins custom painted in black and camo.
Since the recent integration of the Galil AR Black Sand in the Glove Case, I think it is important to group the series in an unique and dedicated collection.

Here are the five Black Sand Skins already available on Steam Workshop.

Famas | Black Sand
Famas | Black Sand

Galil AR | Black Sand
Galil AR | Black Sand

MP7 | Black Sand
MP7 | Black Sand

MP9 | Black Sand
MP9 | Black Sand

UMP-45 | Black Sand
UMP-45 | Black Sand
Now I am working on different projects I started last summer. Black sand will be back in a few months ;)
Stay tuned !