Mar 18, 2017

Shark's Collection: no violence versions are now available!

Hi everybody!

I made "no violence" versions of my sharks. I only removed the blood around the mouth, I think it's enough.
I didn't repost the skins on the Workshop but I just added an illustration on each Shark of its "no violence" version.

Hope you like my sharks :D

Shark's Attack (no violence)
Shark's Attack 

Shark's Carnage (no violence)
Shark's Carnage 

Shark's Prey (no violence)
Shark's Prey 

Shark's Reef (no violence)
Shark's Reef

Mar 7, 2017

Mar 3, 2017

Black Sand Series

Black Sand Series
Black Sand Series

Today I have published the Black Sand Series collection : The Black Sand Collection on Steam Workshop.
This collection includes all Chain Arsenal skins custom painted in black and camo.
Since the recent integration of the Galil AR Black Sand in the Glove Case, I think it is important to group the series in an unique and dedicated collection.

Here are the five Black Sand Skins already available on Steam Workshop.

Famas | Black Sand
Famas | Black Sand

Galil AR | Black Sand
Galil AR | Black Sand

MP7 | Black Sand
MP7 | Black Sand

MP9 | Black Sand
MP9 | Black Sand

UMP-45 | Black Sand
UMP-45 | Black Sand
Now I am working on different projects I started last summer. Black sand will be back in a few months ;)
Stay tuned !