Apr 2, 2017

SCI-FI series (AK-47 Resilience update)

AK-47 | Resurgence
AK-47 | Resurgence

Hi everybody!
This is a reworked version of my contribution for the PC-CSGO contest (summer 2016).

Things have changed :

  • Replaced the skull by mecha part (more realistic and no violence version) ;
  • Some black zones are now skinned (black zones because of the deadline, my skin wasn't totally finished) ;
  • Some zones more detailed (buttstock, mag, under the weapon) ;
  • This is a gunsmith version ;
  • Mecha parts are green (previous versions were red) ;
  • More sober version, low contrast.

The Sci-Fi Series
The Sci-Fi Series (AK-47 | Resurgence)

By the way, the no violence version is available for Resilience and Rebellion.
Compare the original version with skull to the alternative no violence.

AK-47 | Resilience 
AK-47 | Resilience (Original and no violence versions) 

Annnd... The skull has been reworked too.

AK-47 | Resilience 
AK-47 | Resilience 

AK-47 | Rebellion
AK-47 | Rebellion

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