May 7, 2017

Monarch: Randomized Spray-Painted Pattern

Here is my new skins collection. Randomized spray-painted pattern inspired by the great butterfly Monarch.
Monarch butterflies are hard to spot because of their wings. We used this skill to create effective camo skins. Different colors will adapt to different environments.
Monarch pattern
There are five styles as shown as the M4A4:

M4A4 | Monarch : Emerald, Migration, Nocturnal, Poisonous and Urban
M4A4 | Monarch

The pattern is available on Steam Workshop for 25 weapons:

MP9, Sawed-Off, P90, Nova, Mag-7, Mac-10, M249, XM1014, CZ75-Auto, UMP-45, Negev, Revolver R8, P250, USP-S, AUG, FAMAS, AK-47, SSG-08, Galil AR, M4A4, MP7, AWP, PP-Bizon, G3SG1, SCAR-20
Monarch Collection
Some screenshots :

AK-47 | Monarch
AK-47 | Monarch

FAMAS | Monarch
FAMAS | Monarch

Galil AR | Monarch
Galil AR | Monarch

M4A4 | Monarch
M4A4 | Monarch

SSG-08 | Monarch
SSG 08 | Monarch

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